Instruction for updating firmware on iXG and iXH Camera Systems



Firmware and feature updates

  • We periodically issue firmware and software update that bring new features and functionality and often improve performance and fix known issues.
  • When launching Capture One and connecting your camera it will advise you should there be a new version of either software or firmware available for download. Make sure you register your camera when you connect it to Capture One for the first time.
  • The Phase One Firmware Updater application and firmware can be found here:
  • To find out which firmware version is installed on your iXG or iXH, go to the Camera Settings Tool in Capture One and scroll down to About.
  • The tool also shows information about the lens being used:


    Before starting, ensure that: 

    • The camera is connected to the power supply. 
    • Capture One IS NOT running on the computer
    • Your computer has the Firmware Updater application installed and the computer is connected to the Internet.
      • You can also install offline if you have downloaded the firmware file already from our website


    Notes on updating the firmware on the iXG and iXH camera system

    • The Firmware Updater does not in itself contain any firmware - it will check online and fetch the latest relevant firmware packages for your device.
    • It is also possible to update using special firmware packages (.fwr file) by direct drag and drop to the application or by double clicking on the .fwr file.
    • When you start the Firmware Updater application it will detect the digital back or the camera attached.
    • When you select the device in the left side column, the firmware popup and the updater window will change accordingly



    To update the iXG or iXH firmware: 

    1. Connect the camera to the computer with a Phase One USB 3.0 cable (iXG) or USB 3.1 / USB-C cable (iXH)
    2. Start the Firmware Updater application.
    3. If you have an internet connection, the Firmware Updater automatically checks online for a new version of firmware and displays a download button if your camera requires an update.
    4. From the Select Firmware drop-down menu, select the firmware that you want to update.
    5. If displayed, click Download to download the firmware. The firmware is saved locally.
    6. After downloading the new firmware, the Release Notes button is no longer grayed out.
    7. Click the Release Notes button to download the release notes for the newest firmware.
    8. If you do not have an internet connection, you can install the camera firmware manually.
      • Simply drag the .fwr file and drop anywhere on the Firmware Updater application window.
    9. Then to update the camera to the latest firmware, click 'Update.'
    10. After, several things will occur:
      • Update progress bar at the bottom of Firmware Updater will show how far along the update is



    • You will get a pop-up to follow the update progress on the back display (iXG) and/or LEDs on the camera:



    • LED indicators on the camera may flash blue or red and/or stay illuminated during the firmware update. The update may take a few minutes.
      • DO NOT power off the device during this time, as it may prevent the firmware update from completing.


    11. Once the update is completed, the iXG or iXH will typically reboot itself.

    12. If the update fails, disconnect the USB or USB-C cable, reconnect it and repeat the procedure described above.

    13. Verify the firmware update was successful by checking Capture One or the Firmware Updater Program checking the Current firmware:






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