It may be needed to reset iX Flight Pro to default settings if you experience issues such as:

  • iX Flight Pro fails to load a flight plan.
  • The progress bar of loading the flight plan stops just after a bit
  • After opening a project the software seems to have loaded nothing
  • iX Flight Pro freezes or crashes or hangs just after opening a flight plan

The above issues may be due to broken or invalid settings files. It can happen if the software was shut down incorrectly or uncontrolled.



  • Make sure the application is closed.
  • Backup the iXFlight folder and remove it from C:\ProgramData\iXFlight
  • Launch the application (This will recreate the iXFlight folder)
  • Go to “settings” – “Import” and select your backup file
  • Load the flight plan and open the project

Resetting all camera and system settings to default. Note: By doing this all settings (General settings, UI settings, Camera configurations like camera name, positions etc, Device setup related to GPS and Mount and list of flight plans etc) will be lost and you will have to import a previously made backup of all settings, or create them all from scratch.
If you have a backup of all your settings from before you can import this file. This will save you time from manually setting everything back to what is needed.
Create a Backup file:
From iX Flight Pro – Settings – Export. Check what settings you would like to export.

Click the “Export” button and save the iXFlightProSettings.set file on a safe backup location.

Reset all settings:
Make sure the application is closed and go to C:\ProgramData\iXFlight.
(The "C:\ProgramData" folder is hidden in windows default and you might have to select the option to show hidden files in file explorer).
Backup the "iXFlight" folder from ProgramData and then delete it from this location.
Restart the application and the iXFlight folder will be recreated. All your settings will now be lost.
At this point you can import your backup file that contains all your settings. This is done from “Settings” – “Import” by selecting your iXFlightProSettings.set file and import the settings.
If you do not have the set file you will now have to recreate all your custom settings manually in “System settings” and “Camera settings”.