This is a summary on how to use a Leaf back on a PC witch has no FireWire port. Windows based laptops are not normally provided with a 6-pin or 9-pin bus-powered FireWire Port.


Leaf provides a Firewire repeater that can be powered by the power supply that comes with the Aptus battery charger (12V) or if on location, by an external battery pack e.g. Quantum.

Below is a discription of a typical setup:

  • Dell Core Duo 2 laptop with non-powered 4 pins Firewire port
  • Repeater supplied by Leaf - Part Numbers: 605A00030 400mbs or 609-00470 800mbs 
  • External battery pack (quantum)
  • 400 to 400 or 800 to 800 4.5m Leaf Firewire cable
  • 6 pin to 4 pin 400mbs or 800mbs Firewire cable
  • Capture one Pro
  • Aptus 22 back
  • 8. Mamiya AFDII camera
  1. Connect the laptop to the Firewire repeater with the 6 to 4 pins FW cable
  2. Connect the battery pack or the charger's power supply to the Firewire repeater
  3. Connect the Leaf digital back to the repeater with the 4.5m 400 to 400 Firewire cable
  4. Launch Capture One 5 Pro select the correct camera type in the preferences, it will now connect to the digital back
  5. If the laptop does not have a Firewire port but instead has an Express34 slot or a PCMCIA slot, you can use an adapter in these slots and then connect them to the repeater as discribed above



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