Below is a table of the most recent firmware versions for Leaf Digital Backs. What is the latest firmware for my Leaf digital back?


Leaf Products - Firmware Version compatible with LC 11.5.3
Back modelFirmware versionInterface VersionIntroduced with LC VersionDate
AFi II 12, Aptus-II 12 & 12R5.0413.05011.5.322/11/11
Aptus-II all types5.0413.05011.5.322/11/11
AFi & AFi II all types5.0413.05011.5.322/11/11
DM all types5.0413.05011.5.322/11/11
APTUS & Aptus S all types (SN LIxxxxx)4.7011.8611.2.928/10/09
APTUS & Aptus S all types (SN LFxxxxx KODAK)4.7001.8411.2.014/09/08
Valeo 22, 173.301n/ana/n/a
Credo 40, 60, and 804.01n/an/aFeb 2016
Credo 502.02n/an/aFeb 2016