The Sinar P2 (4x5) will work with the Phase One Flexadapter or Kapture Group back adapters without problem.


If an enduser has a P3 and wants to change from Sinar to Phase One, we propose changing the shutter and purchasing a sliding adapter from Silvestri or Kapture Group or a standard adapter from Sinar.  This way the P3 will fully function with a Phase One or Leaf Digital Back.

The Sinar P3 (6x9) View Camera will work with Phase One digital backs with V mount via the  Silvestri Sliding Adapter.
For Mamiya/Phase One mount, Hasselblad H or Leaf AFi/Hy6 mount we recommend Sinars own adapters for the P3 camera.

Next you will need either a mechanical or electronic shutter to communicate the integration information to the Digital Back. The P3 has a built-in, proprietary, electronical interface that cannot be used with Phase One Digital Backs.

The Sinaron Digital CMV, CAB and DB mounted lenses can be modified by Rodenstock so that they will communicate with a Phase One Digital Back.

Sinar can change also change them in to eShutter solution which is universal.

Rodenstock can change the shutter into a Copal (mechanical) Shutter or a Sinar/Rollei Electronic Shutter. Please contact your local Rodenstock Dealer for pricing, availability and which lenses can be changed.

The following lenses cannot be changed: Rodenstock HR, Sinaron 80mm and the Sinaron 105mm.