Below are details on where to find the relevant logfiles when troubleshooting for a problem or per request from Phase One Tech Support.


iX Capture
iX Capture logs can be found on your iX Controller here: C:\Users\YourUserName\AppData\Local\iXCapture\Logs\
Please compress them into a ZIP file and upload to your support case.

iX Capture logs include these files:

  • CaptureCoreLog.txt
  • ImgCoreLog.txt
  • ImgCoreLogOCL.log
  • iXCaptureLog.txt
  • ModelCore.log
  • UnhandledExceptionLog.txt (If available)

Also accessible through the software under Settings - System.

EXIF logs
The EXIF log is located in the Image directory (the path where you saved the images you captured) and contains the following:

  • ImageIdLog.txt
  • ExifTabLog.txt
  • ExifLog.csv

iX Flight
The iX Flight logs can be found on the SensorHandler application by clicking the “Log files” button and then “Export log files”. The path is C:\ProgramData\iX-Flight\TraceLogs\
The logs from iX Flight contain the following:

  • Project Information
  • Log file of track with line numbers.
  • Log file of images, ordered and taken/missed.

iX Flight PRO
Please ZIP or otherwise compress the logs below and provide to technical support if requested:

  • The iX Fliight PRO application logs are found here: C:\ProgramData\iXFlight\Logs\
  • Export Flight data: Under "Projects" - "Open Project" you have the "Postflight report". Klick "Generate". You will be prompted to generate a ZIP file including system information. Klick "Yes". Ones done upload the ZIP file to tech support.

On Applanix devices GNSS data is logged to a proprietary file format with extension *.T04.
Logging may need to be enabled on the device. The *.T04 file can be transferred to the local computer either by selecting it from the internal or external storage where it was saved, or by downloading it through a web browser.