Cannot Capture to card when using an iXM.  Or cannot format the card from DJI Pilot. 



Be sure you have placed the card in the iXM before powering the camera on.  If the camera was already on, reboot it.

In certain cases, the factory formatting of an XQD card or CFX card might not be compatible with the iXM.   The best solution is to reformat the card in the computer, followed by formatting it in the iXM from iX Capture or Capture One.  We recommend doing the reformat from Command Prompt rather than file explorer.

Perform the following steps:


1.  Place the card in a card reader and connect to a PC.

2.  Open Command Prompt and issue the following commands (Press "Return" after each command is entered)

  1. Dispart
  2. List volume
  3. Select volume X  (X is the number of the volume that is the card)
  4. format fs=ntfs

3.  Once formatting begins, it may take a long period of time depending on the size of card.

4.  When formatting is complete, safely remove hardware to eject the card and remove from the card reader.

5.  Place the card in the iXM and then connect the iXM to the computer via USB.

  • Apply power to the iXM either via the wall plug or drone power.
  • Open iX Capture or Capture One
    • In iX Capture, click on Settings > The camera serial number > Then go to Service and click "Format Card"
    • Or, in Capture One go to the Camera Tab and in the Camera settings tool search for "format." Then select "Format" from the "Format XQD/CFX" drop down.