PDF for download with complete instruction on Leaf Capture Live View for different cameras.


Using Live View with a wrong sequence of actions causes communication failures and other problems. The PDF on link below is a complete guide on how to use Leaf Capture Live View with:

  • Mamiya 645 AFD, AFD II,
  • Phase One/Mamiya AF and DF. Mamiya AFDIII.
  • Large Format cameras with mechanical shutters e.g. Copal, Prontor, Compur.
  • Large Format with Rollei Electronic Shutter.
  • Large Format with Schneider Shutter.
  • Hasselblad ELD, ELX with Leaf Remote Cable and 503CW with winder and Leaf Remote Cable.
  • Hasselblad ELX without Remote Cable, 503 CW without Remote Cable and 500 series
  • Mamiya RZ
  • Mamiya RZ Pro IID
  • Hasselblad H1/H2

Download Leaf Capture and Live View.pdf